"Soft-Bodied Animals Leave Few Traces" featured on The Slowdown podcast with Tracy K. Smith

Read Online

"Jesus Watches Me Get My Ass Swabbed" in Quarterly West 111, runner-up in the 2023 Poetry Contest

"My Own Private New Hampshire" in American Literary Review Fall 2023

"The Meaning of Life" in MumberMag 1

"Ministrations for the French Horn" in Massachusetts Review 60.3

"Dialogue Between Colander and Self" in Water~Stone Review 22

"Incubation" and "New York City as a Fidget Spinner" at Peatsmoke

"Soft-Bodied Animals Leave Few Traces" at Poetry Northwest

"Unicorn Contortionist" at Missouri Review

In Print

"At the Immersive Van Gogh Multimedia Projection Exhibit" in Pleaides 44.1, winner of the Prufer Poetry Prize

"Two Truths and a Lie" in Black Warrior Review 49.2

"The Thing" in Cincinnati Review 20.1

"Mimicry" in Southern Review 57.2

"Chronicle with a Series of Vessels" in Passages North 40 and Best New Poets 2019

"My Mother Undoes" in Slice 25

"Insatiable" in Ploughshares 44.4

"Obsession on a Line by Elizabeth Barrett Browning" in Indiana Review 40.2

"None of My Friends Have Bodies Anymore" in Ninth Letter 15.2

"Glitter" in Salt Hill 40

"Sutra" in Tar River Poetry

"Florida Man Throws Alligator into Wendy's Drive-Thru Window" & "The Reflex" in New Ohio Review 22

"Mutant" in Gulf Coast 29.2

"There Is a Hexagon" in Lumina XIV